Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

So how do new solutions come about?  The premise of IdeArbitrage is that such solutions can be achieved when the right mix of people with different expertise and backgrounds are brought together to tackle difficult problems.  Diversity in disciplines can inspire, inform, and potentially converge on new, innovative solutions.

At a recent get-together in the Silicon Valley, Ann Edminster, author of Energy Free: Homes for a Small  Planet, Steve Yamaguma of Design2Market and Jim Takasugi challenged each other to explore and test the basic premise of IdeArbitrage by identifying examples where this premise has been put to practice.  After a quick reflection, following examples were brought forward.

  • SEAM Studio, San Francisco: Gluten-free store in a Landscape Architect’s office
  • Macintosh: computing platform inspired by calligraphy, converging art with technology.
  • Full Circle Farms, Sunnyvale: community-based non-profit farm dedicated to the renewal of local, sustainable food systems in the heart of Silicon Valley

This are just a quick list of examples generated in a short 5 minute conversation.

 “Idea Theater “

How do we capture and effectively communicate the premise and its examples to a wider audience?  Steve came up with the title: “Idea Theater”, a place where new solutions to difficult problems are generated.  Addressing MICA, an educational institution in interior design based in Tokyo, Japan,  with aspirations to expand into distance learning, as our hypothetical audience, we agreed on the approach of capturing these examples on video, by visiting the sites and interviewing their creators and participants.

Next Steps

We’ll each solidify and build on these and other instances that best exemplify the premise of IdeArbitarge, including:

  • Specifics of examples will be identified (weblinks, contacts, etc) for video documentation.
  • Platforms such as  Webex* will be explored and assessed for Distance Learning and  professional-academic network wiki* for educational content development.
  • A follow-up get-together will be held in approximately two weeks to share findings and determine next steps.

In time, specific services will be defined and packaged for presentation to Machida Interior Coordinator Academy  (MICA).