Discussions with Machida Hiroko Interior Coordinator Academy (MICA)Hiroko Machida, Dori Mizuho Machida and Jim Takasugi

  • 17 Oct 2011
  • GreenHouse, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Accelerating Vision to Implementation: “Idea Arbitrage”

IdeArbitrage takes great ideas developed for a local market and implements them globally.  IdeArbitrage accelerates  and capitalizes on outcomes by connecting great ideas with critical expertise and support.

Support Infrastructure

How does a foreign company optimize Global and Local opportunities, find reliable and trustworthy support infrastructure, including:

  • Real Estate (RE) and Facilities
  • Marketing, Branding, Public Relations (PR)
  • Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT)
  • Legal, Financial, Accounting
  • Government Relations
  • Specialized Expertise

Specialized subjects that can benefit private and commercial clients, as well as students and educators:

1. New Technology:

Understanding and applying new technology transforms our home, businesses, environment, and lifestyle. At Cisco Systems, I was exposed to innovative technology that radically transforms the office, home, and industries including education, health care, financial, sports/entertainment, retail and commercial. Technological advances include mobility, cloud computing, network security, building management to name a few. These new “disruptive” technologies should be incorporated into every planning and design solutions.

2. Globalization:

My role at Cisco Systems  has focused on the new drivers of Globalization and their implications for new business models. The Next Generation Office is built on new global drivers including emerging market opportunities, talent pools, and enabling technologies.

3. Green Design:

Clearly, current energy dependencies on non-renewable resources can not continue without significan negative impact to our environment and our well being.  Efficient, sustainable homes and workplaces must be achieved through energy efficient design strategies, techniques and technologies.

4. Healthy Lifestyle (maximizing Quality of Life At every phase of life):

Happy Planet Index 2012

This balance can be achieved through thoughtful, integrated solutions that focus on all aspects of a balanced lifestyle. The solutions therefore must address not just the physical environment (e.g. architectural/ interior/ ergonomic/ green/ accessible design), but lifestyle dimensions including nutrition, physical and social activities.